Sunday, July 29, 2012

After living in NE Indiana for 10 years, I grew to absolutely love the wide open spaces.  In fact, I feel somewhat claustrophobic by these hills I find myself surrounded by now.

So driving back from Chicago I detoured south of  South Bend and found myself on Rte 30, Lincoln's Highway heading east to Ft. Wayne.  As the vista grew increasingly flat, I felt more and more the freedom of looking 360 around and seeing as far as I could see.

But then I got off the highway and slowly drove on unpaved farm roads...
listening to the wind
through fields of corn
so high
I could see nothing else.



Ah, I was back home, if only for a little while...................

Time stands still in some of these little communities and nothing much has changed for decades. 
This is the quintessential farmstsead off some little road in the middle of nowhere.

Just as I hit the Ohio border, I felt as if I part of some weird sci-fi episode. 
 It was truly eerie driving down the road and viewing, for miles & miles, these wind farms.  I had to get off the road and again, follow gravel farm roads to view these spectacular, but somewhat spectral, mechanical windmills.

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