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Laredo's Restaurant in Ft. Wayne, IN

Do I have a picture? 

No..because I ate the entire bag along with a quart of salsa in two days.  I am ready for another road trip. No joke.

Living in Ft. Wayne in the mid-late 70's (yes I am that old) I became addicted in the best possible way.  Every week I would head down Broadway, past Taylor Rd to tortilla nirvana.  Benito Trevino has been in business since the early 70's operating Ft. Wayne's original tortilleria.  Pregnant with my son, I would scarf down bags of chips accompanied by the most delicious salsa this side of heaven.  Truly it is that good.  First the heat perks up your taste buds and you start to sweat maybe a little, but then you taste that smoky flavor of whatever chile is used...I have a hunch but why make it when I can drive 4 hours to buy it???? 

And the chips....SIGH.  I am a tortilla chip snob, I do fry my own BUT, unfortunately, I do not make my own tortillas from fresh masa.  So right away I am at a disadvantage. 
The freshly fried chips are some salty, hearty, corny deliciousness.

So, in my drive down memory lane (Rte 30) heading home, I stopped in Ft. Wayne to check out the old neighborhood and perhaps meet up with some memories.  The first place I stopped was Laredo's.  The place has been painted since I'd visited years ago and when I walked in, I was greeted by a waiter.  I asked, almost nervously, "Is Bennie here?"  The "waiter" turned his head to the back room and said "Grandpa, someone's here to see you".  Well, if that didn't start a conversation that went back 35 years and continues to this day.  Abraham, Bennie's grandson, works alongside his grandpa continuing the family legacy of good food and passion for hard work that has made Laredo's a MUST VISIT when you are in the area.  Anything on the menu will not disappoint.

It is not a fancy place, don't kid yourself.  But it is tidy, clean and the food is great.

It's been operated by the same family for 40+ years
that is a HUGE accomplishment in this day of chain restaurants.

What more could you ask for?? 

Laredo Restaurant & Grocery

1854 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN,   46802-4381

Here's one of my favorite recipes for using tortilla chips:

Top with shredded beef, pork or chicken.  I usually use whatever left overs I have.

Drizzle with some avocado crema    (a fancy name for avocado puree that's been thinned
          down with a little bit of sour cream or whipping cream.)

Use your imagination and add some black or pinto beans...chopped tomatoes....pico de gallo...
chopped jalapeno......or a red onion and cilantro relish.

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  1. Four hours, huh? You must bring back some for me to try next time!